GOFS Corporate Interiors, Furniture, and Flooring

Allow us to assist you with planning your space to enhance your company, education or office culture.

We can help you with selecting sustainable fine furnishings, artwork, window treatments, signage or wayfinding, flooring, and other interior products for your public space.

Our flooring services include:

Commercial Carpet – Broadloom and Tile




Other Flooring Solutions

Product selection and installation Services available

As we work together to fight against COVID-19, your company’s interior design plan is even more important now than ever. Click play above to learn how creating a successful re-entry plan can save your business!

Health & Wellness for Workplace Re-entry:

Ask how we can help you:
Design a Re-Entry Floor Plan to Guide Traffic Flow and Protect Employees
Get Sanitation Products and Equipment
Find Easy-to-Clean Surfaces and Furniture